Commander RewardsEdit

  • These are reward packages you get by reaching certain nation level.
  • Cosments, heroes, trons, crystals, AP Recovery, and hero invitation items are available.
  • When you reach nation levels 20/30/50/70/100 you can get the respective package from the Mission Rewards Menu.
IMG 2510

[ TABLE 01. Commander Rewards ]
Required level Specification
New Commander - LV 20
  • Rare hero invitation item x1
  • AP recovery item x10
  • Raons(20k), Sectum(20k), Nugen(20k)
Intermediate Commander - LV 30
  • Rank S Hero (Navigator Master)
  • Crystals x50
  • Raons(30k), Sectum(30k), Nugen(30k)
Advanced Commander - LV 50
  • Grade S Attack Tron
  • Crystals x100
  • Raons(40k), Sectum(40k), Nugen(40k)
Chief Commander - LV 70
  • Rank S Hero (Energy Scientist)
  • Crystals x150
  • Raons(50k), Sectum(50k), Nugen(50k)
Supreme Commander - LV 100
  • Grade S Support Tron
  • Crystals x200
  • Raons(100k), Sectum(100k), Nugen(100k)

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