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  • Heroes manage your nation, command your fleet and play an integral part in Astronest.
  • Understanding what makes a good hero for a particular role is central to building a powerful nation.
  • There are two major categories of heroes: Planet Ministers and Fleet Heroes.
  • When you appoint one of your heroes as a planet minister, you get bonuses on all the planetary facilities according to the hero's govern stat.
  • You can not participate in a war without an active fleet commander in a ship.
  • The hero's Attack, Defense, and Leadership stat affect the fleet's attack, defense stats and its size.
  • The hero's profession and skill can influence a battle significantly.
  • To start with, you can hire 10 heroes. Crystals are required to increase the limit.
  • To hire a hero, you need gold, and the price varies with the hero's rank.

Hero Attributes

  • The core attributes heroes have are: Attack, Defense, Govern, Leadership, Skill, Ability, Tron (Support/Battle)
  • Attack: The higher the number the stronger the attack, though many other factors are taken into consideration. The weapon's relevant attributes, the relevant ship type/level/fittings, the player's relevant research enhancement levels, and all relevant attributes from the opponent.
  • Defense: Essentially the higher the number the better the defense points contribute to increased durability.
    As above all the metrics are taken into consideration except in reverse.
  • Govern: A Planet Minister's Govern level effects all the facility outputs, and in essence the higher the Govern attribute is, the better Planet facilities will perform with the exception of Cosment production.
  • Leadership: This is a Fleet attribute which is measured in Energy units to determine how many ships a Fleet Hero can command. 
  • Skill: Rank A and S heroes have special skills that allow the hero to perform special attacks or defense functions.
  • Ability: Rank B, A and S Heroes have additional special capabilities which can be upgraded by Training LDs and Advanced Training LDs.
    Abilities can be upgraded by acquiring Training LDs from Campaign drops, Alien Raids, event packs, and the LD shop.
  • Tron: There are two slots available. The top one is for Support Trons and the bottom one is for Battle Trons. Fleet Heroes and Planet Ministers benefit from different aspects of either type of Tron. Trons add to specific attributes such as Attack/Defense/Govern/Leadership, as well as Ability and Skill

Hero Attributes
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Types of Heroes

  • Plant Ministers have abilities that positively affect the planetary facilities: Research, Mining, Energy, Residential, Enhanced Cosments, Production.

  • Types of Fleet Heroes: Weapon Experts/Marksmen, Fleet Commanders/Navigators, Analysts and Master Heroes

  • Weapon Experts improve their weapon's attack.

  • Marksman Heroes improve their weapons' accuracy.
  • Fleet Commanders improve the durability (DUR) of the fleet that they command.
  • Navigators improve the evasion (EVA) of the fleet they command.
  • Analysts have special abilities that provide both evasion and resistance to the weapon type that they are analysts for.

Master Heroes

  • Master Heroes make powerful improvements to hero abilities.
  • Combat Masters can use any weapon, and their ability level improves both weapon attack and accuracy. 
  • Weapon Masters can fire any weapon and their ability improves the attack for all weapons. 
  • Marksman Master can use any weapon, and the ability improves accuracy for any of these weapons interchangeably. 

  • A Commanding Masters' ability improves Durability (DUR) for the specific fleet they command, and they can utilize this ability on any ship type, such as Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Mother Ships interchangeably. 

  • A Navigation Master's ability improves Evasion (EVA) for the specific fleet they command, and they can utilize this ability on any ship type, such as Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Mother Ships

  • A Fleet Master's ability improves Evasion (EVA) and Durability (DUR) for the specific fleet the command. The ability can only be utilized for the specific ship type that they are masters of (Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship and Mothership).

[ TABLE 01. Cadets ]

Hs 121
No profession

[ TABLE 01. Weapon Professions ]


Beam expert

Beam Marksman

Missile expert

Missile Marksman

Fighter expert

Fighter Marksman

Cannon expert

Cannon Marksman

Weapon Master


Beam master

Missile master

Fighter master

Cannon master

Combat master


Beam analyst

Missile analyst

Fighter analyst

Cannon analyst

Marksman master

[ TABLE 02. Fleet Professions ]


Destroyer Navigator

Destroyer Commander

Cruiser Navigator

Cruiser Commander

Battleship Navigator

Battleship Commander

Mothership Navigator

Mothership Commander

Destroyer Master Cruiser Master Battleship Master Mothership Master

Navigator Master

Commanding Master

[ TABLE 03. Planet minister Professions ]

Economist Mineralogist Energy scientist Scientist Engineer

Hero Rank

  • There are 5 hero ranks from A~D and S
  • Some of the hero's stats varies with the rank.
  • Higher rank allows a hero to have more stats.
  • Higher rank allows a hero more stat increase when he/she levels up.
  • The higher rank a hero is, the higher the ability grows when trained.
  • S-rank heroes have access to skills A-rank heroes don't.
[ TABLE 04. Characteristics of each Hero Rank ]
Hero Rank Characteristics
  • C/D Rank heroes are the most basic heroes
  • They have no skills or abilities
  • From B Rank, a hero has an ability but no skill
  • From A Rank, a hero has both a skill and ability
  • From S Rank, a hero has his/her specialization. One of the stats, ability or skill gets enhanced (gold colored)

Possession Limit and Expansion

  • You have one hero hired when you start the game.
  • To begin with, you can hire a maximum of 10 heroes.
  • If you need more than 10 heroes, you need to buy slots for a certain amount of crystals.
[ TABLE 05. Cost of Hero Slots ]
Cap 2014-09-16 18-17-09-833
Expansion of

hero slots



10 → 15 100
15 20 150
20 25 200
25 30 250
30 35 300
35 40 350
40 45 400
45 50 450

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