• It is for players above level 100, and require a tons of cosment and dark-matters
  • All types of parts can get additional developments 
  • You may proceed research after building your hyper laboratory through 10 phases

[ Fig 01 Hyper Laboratory]
Screenshot 20160826-055748
Screenshot 20160826-055755
Screenshot 20160826-055800
Screenshot 20160826-055807

Hyper Research Edit

  • Each research can be done by 8, 16, 24 hours
  • After the time, you can get hyper knowledge points
  • You may appoint a Lab Director for more points
  • The points can be use for advanced parts

Hyper Development Edit

  • By using knowledge points, you can develop new parts for your fleet
  • If a part is already developed, you will get a higher tier of the part
  • During a upgrade, you can choose one of traits of a part.
Name Trait
H-Destroyer Durability, Attack, Production Cost, Missile EVA, Cannon EVA
H-Cruiser Durability, Production Cost, Missile RES, Fighter RES, Cannon RES
H-Battleship Durability, Attack, Production Cost, Beam RES, Missile RES, Cannon RES
H-Mothership Durability, Attack, Production Cost, Fighter RES
[ Fig 02 Hyper Research/Development ]
Screenshot 20160826-055626
Screenshot 20160826-055635
Screenshot 20160826-055650
Screenshot 20160826-055722

Additional Hyper-Ship Info:Edit


H. Destroyers have the craziest evasion levels and can make a super squirrel fleet or completely negate your enemies cannons. Having one squirrel in your defense fleet is very helpful because it forces your opponent to mind their accuracy levels or necessitates the use of explosive fire.


H. Cruisers are arguably the best for defense because you can max their resistances with the least possible defense heroes. This maximizes the fleet spots you have for attacker fleets or utility skills such as defense shield and confusion fire. (Post-HCR nerf - this is my comment) - Really only viable for CR masters, not ideal for DPS nearly as much anymore.


H. Battleships remain the best attacking fleet with the highest atk damage. Their hyper advancement however has given them an initial boost in durability so that they now match cruisers and exceed destroyers in durability. They also gain cannon resistance through upgrades so they have become the best long range attacking fleet. These fleets work best for a pure offense "brute force" method.


H. Motherships remain the highest durability tanks in the game but have gained a deduction to cannon res. This means they need 220 cannon res to max their protection against cannons- this is difficult with even end game heroes and technology. Hyper mothership fleets seem tailored to play with multiple defense heroes in order to survive to close range. However, pure defense fleets' effectiveness has been neutered since the advent of advance piercing fire a few months ago and in my opinion still do not work when not paired with an offensive threat.

Hyper Devices:Edit

Devices each cost 400 expertise to unlock, then 500 for the first upgrade, 600 for the second, and 700 for the third for stealth and provocation. The evasion device upgrades start at 50 expertise and increase by 10% each upgrade, similar to ships. There are three devices:


This causes the ship with the stealth device equipped to not be able to be targeted directly while active. The first level of the device cloaks through range 115, first upgrade through 110 (altairs), second upgrade through 105 (quakes), and finally the third upgrade through 100 (PC). Stealthed ships can be hit with splash damage from explosive fire, even though they cannot be targeted directly. If a stealth device is in use on defense, and the attacker and defender have weapons with the same range equipped, the attacker will not fire, then the defender will un-stealth and fire. If a firing turn is skipped as a result of stealth, the turn is simply skipped and the weapon fires the next time it normally would.


This device causes the ship with the provocation device equipped to be targetted with higher likelihood by random skills (RF, CFF). The initial device causes the ship to be targeted 50% more, first upgrade 100% more, second upgrade 150% more, and final upgrade 200% more. What this means is that if (for example, with a max-level device) there are five fleets, two tanks with the device equipped and three DPS without the device equipped, then the device will function as follows. The DPS will remain with their 100% likehood, the two DPS at an additional 200% for a total of 300% likelihood. That means there is a total of 900% to be distributed between the five ships. The DPS are at 100%/900%, so 11% likehood of being hit each, and the tanks are at 300%/900%, so 33% likelihood of being hit each. This means that without provocation devices, you had a 60% chance of taking a hit on a DPS; now, with provocation devices equipped, you have a 33% chance of taking a hit on a DPS.


This is pretty self explanatory. The initial eva starts at 30, and maxes out at 70. Each upgrade is for a single weapon and increases the eva for that weapon by 5.

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