Summary Edit

  • Players above level 50 can join the league.
  • You will be matched with players of the same rank.
  • Your formation will be shown, so choosing appropriate a strategy become for each round becomes more significant.
[ Fig 01 League ]
Screenshot 20160826-062319
Screenshot 20160826-062329

League Schedule Edit

  • It is a season based play mode.
  • A league will be closed after 10 rounds completed.
  • After then, there will be a break when you can get your rewards and prepare for the next season.
  • Each season starts every week.
    • Period of appliance: 2 days
    • Period of actual league: 3 days
    • Period of finish: 2 days

League Rank System Edit

  • There are 11 ranks in the league
    1. 50~54LV
    2. 55~59LV
    3. 60~64LV
    4. 65~69LV
    5. 70~74LV
    6. 75~79LV
    7. 80~84LV
    8. 85~89LV
    9. 90~94LV
    10. 95~99LV
    11. 100LV
  • Your rank will be changed as you level up during a league.

Joining and Grouping Edit

  • You need to join a league by yourself.
  • Joining requires gold for each rank.
  • There will be an appropriate number(10~20) of players in each league.
  • If the number of participants in a league is below 10, the league will be canceled and the cost will be refunded.

Star Acquisition Rule Edit

  • A number of stars you get after a battle will be determined by 2 major factors, the enemy's damage and your damage.
    • As you destroyed ~%of your opponent fleet
      • 100%: 3 stars
      • 66.6% or more:2 stars
      • 33.3% or more: 1 star
      • Below: 0 star
  • As  ~%of your fleet is destroyed
    • Below 33.3%: 2 stars
    • Below 66.6%: 1 star
    • Above: 0 star
[ Fig 02 League Rule ]
Screenshot 20160826-062338
Screenshot 20160826-062343
Screenshot 20160826-062346
Screenshot 20160826-062357

End and Reward Edit

  • As a league is end, you will get reward for your ranking.
  1. of stars acquired determines amount of cosment.
    • Final Ranking determines amount of league points(for league supplies).
  • Top 25% players will go up to a higher rank league.
  • bottom 25% players will go down to a lower rank league.

Hall of Fame Edit

[ Fig 03 Hall of Fame ]
Screenshot 20160826-062410
Screenshot 20160826-062420
  • As a league ends, a list of players whose record meets a condition will be updated in the hole of fame
    • One who won the most: get the maximum league points.
    • One who won the largest number of rounds.
    • One who won the largest number of perfect rounds.

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