• Planets are the most important fundamental assets of your nation.
  • By building facilities on your planets, you can secure not only various resources (gold, minerals and cosments), but also energy, research, and production capacity.
  • The more plants you gain, the more power you have, so the quality and quantity of own planets are the primary indicators of your nation power.

Planet Environment

  • A planet's appearance and attribute are determined by its environment.
  • There are 5 kinds of planet environments.
  • A planet's attribute is applied to the relevant facility.

[ TABLE 01. Planet attributes ]
Image Environment Description
  • A blue Ocean Planet .
  • Gives a bonus to the research facility built on it.
  • +Research capability (+ n %)
  • A brown Arid desert planet.
  • Gives a bonus to the energy plant built on it.
  • +Energy possession (+ n %)
  • A green planet with various terrains
  • Gives a bonus to the residential facility built on it.
  • +Gold income (+ n %)
  • A violet planet composed with various materials, such as carbon
  • Gives a bonus to the mining facility built on it.
  • +Mineral income (+ n %)
  • A rare planet with extremely good environment.
  • Gives a bonus to all the 4 facilities mentioned above.
  • Research, Energy, Gold and Mineral income (+ n %)

Planet Rank and Level

  • A planet's maximum development level and environmental attributes are determined by its rank.
  • Planet level
    • The maximum level is given to all planets randomly by their rank. It is the maximum level that you can upgrade planetary facilities too.

[ TABLE 02. Planet rank basis]
Rank MAX LV ENV Attribute
Rank D 31 ~ 35 5 ~ 10 (+%)
Rank C 31 ~ 35 11 ~ 15 (+%)
Rank B 36 ~ 40 20 ~ 25 (+%)
Rank A 41 ~ 45 35 ~ 40 (+%)
Rank S 46 ~ 50 50 ~ 55 (+%)

※There is no D or C rank paradise planet

Planet Possession Limit

  • Your nation level determines how many planets you can own.
  • From level 20, you can have additional planets by colonizing them.
  • The limit increases by 1 every 10 levels.
  • The more planets you have, the more cost you have to pay to colonize an additional planet.

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