In Astronest, there is a special rule for Cosments production and it is related with War mode.

Screenshot 2014-08-11-13-41-03-1-

When you see the main screen, you can see the War situation in the middle. For example, in the screen shot war is ongoing in Newjen territory, and that means, you can earn Newjens from War right now.


When you click the situation window, you can see more details about war. From the screenshot, you can recognize that the Alliance is now winning. If the federal doesn't fight back to get more point, Alliance will wind and capture the territory for 2days. Whey it occupies the territory, nations involved in the alliance can produce Newjen staidly until the end of the occupation. After then, alliance should win again to get stable Newjen production. This is same in the other territories. If your group doesn't own a territory that you want, you can fight in the territory to get the resources. The amount depends on the contribution that you make in each fight.

If you make outstanding contributions, you can get some special rewards additionally by your rank.